So far so good….

6 11 2009

We made it safely to Perth, WA after a suprisingly fast 14 hour flight, a very rushed view of Hong Kong via  the peak tram, and then another 7.5 hours on an airplane.

Sleepy Jeffy
We did manage to cross “Task #1” off the list, which was to have McDonald’s in China, though it wasn’t as trilling as it should have been. We arrived Perth late on Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday to a very welcoming 36 degrees, a great surrogate family and lots of relaxing to do. 

  Hong Kong View 
  Hong Kong 2
  View from Peak  
 On the way down the Tram

Wednesday was pretty much a getting settled day, but I almost got hit by a car crossing the street to the beach on a pedal bike. I learned my first lesson…

Lesson #1
– People do not have the right of way here when crossing the road AND they drive on opposite side of the street, so you have to look right-left-right.  Don’t worry mom, I’m double careful now.

Pool Bums   Pool

Thursday: Learned Lesson #2 – watched the movie Wolf Creek as a welcome/intro to Aus backpaking, can’t wait to break down in the outback and never make it back alive, thanks Andrew, I will sleep easier now. A couple tips I picked up from the movie:
– If you get a chance to attack/shoot your kidnapper, make sure he is dead before proceeding
– Always leave your keys in the ignition incase you need to escape
-Do not take water/rides/help/advice from strangers

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19 12 2009

Nice, we want more AUSTRALIAN MEN IN SHORTS.
They want GIRLS.


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