Week 2

14 11 2009

Hello Friends,

We haven’t been updating this thing as often as we should have but we’ve been up to a few things since we last posted so here it is…

EVA: Our first weekend in Aus we were taken out by Julia and some of her girlfriends to Subiaco for some drinks and night life. The bar we went to was a bit pretentious and the drinks were hell expensive so we did not stay out long. It was nice to see all of the young people dressed up and having a good time.

The week started off with Eva and I heading to the city on Monday to check out the sites and wonder the streets in search of the black swan. We walked down the two main streets with all the fancy shops and restaurants then made our way to the Bell Tower which is quite a nice looking building. The bells where sounding as we got there not knowing at the time that people actually inside the tower were playing the bells themselves and found out that it is the world’s largest musical instrument. The next stop was the Swan River Ferry which took us across the river to the south end of Perth. On this side of the river is a large park with a walking path that runs along side the river where the  black swan calls home. After taking a few pictures and hanging out we headed back across and caught the city train back to the house. That evening the Pawlik’s family friend Phil came by to see if I would be interested in doing some reno work with him at his place a few suburbs over.

So not even a week into our vacation a found myself getting up at 5:30 a.m to head over to Philly’s to put up some drywall and other misc. work. This only lasted till Thursday where we got caught up to where he needed to be and I was off with some cash-olah in my pocket. The funny thing was that Eva was bugging me saying that she gives me two weeks until I would be looking for work since I supposedly don’t know how to relax and do nothing, but really it only took me six days to find myself putting up drywall is the 30 degree weather and realizing that she is probably right.

While Jeff was at work I busied myself with reading, tanning and hanging out by the pool. It was 3 days of rest and relaxation (you could call it laziness, but we are on vacation). I’ve discovered a couple of new foods that I am quite fond of, among them, Nando’s Portugese Chicken, Chicken Salt, Lamington’s, Schwepp’s Lemonade, Nutri Grain Cereal and Maggie’s Polish/Aussie cooking. Recipes will be gathered and shared at a later date.

It was Wednesday when I got home from working and Jordan was all fired up and wanted to go down to Trigg Beach to teach me how to surf. We get down to the beach and the waves where pretty big with a 2 meter swell and guys shredding them apart making it look as easy as a casual sunday morning stroll along the beach. Jordan runs though the basics on the beach and where off paddling out to the surf. So I figured I would have no problem with this surfing business relying on the snowboarding and skateboarding experience but let me tell ya,I looked like I had never seen a board sport in my life. We were there for about two hours and by the end I was getting better but never really got up and rode the wave for more than 2 seconds. As we were leaving I turned around facing the ocean throwing my board in the air yelling ” I’ll Be Back You Haven’t Got The Best Of Me Yet!!!

Thursday night we went to King’s Park with a bunch of Nando’s Chicken and hot tea for a sunset picnic with Julia and Louise. The city scape is gorgeous from up there and the picnic was great, I love Peri-naise. We got massacred by mossies and I had about 10 bites just on my left knee the next morning. As the sun went down the city lights came on and it was really quite a nice way to spend an evening.

On Friday we made our way to the AQWA Aquarium of Western Australia to hunt for sharks, turtles and the infamous blue ring octopus. As we wandered the marine park we came across the coolest creature “the leafy seadragon”. We were unable to take any photos since they are sensitive to light but I’ve googled a picture and attached it below. We also encountered some cool looking Pineapple fish which are really ugly and look like they have their mouths burned off. Jeff really likes the eels and the jellyfish. When we went through the Ocean Tunnel we saw tons of sharks and HUGE stingrays, Giant turtles and tons of tuna and snappers. While the Shark feeding was going on, the announcer man said there was 2 spots open for swimming with the sharks at 1:00…Jeff looks at me and I just say “hell NO”. Other noteably cool creatures were the puffers, the octopus and of course the nemos.  The Blue Ring Octo was MIA from his tank…darn.



We have been spending our free evenings drinking beer or tea/coffee under the al fresco, which is that outdoor living room area by the pool, blaring some Garth Brooks and other favorites to try and make ourselves feel slightly at home. The flies get pretty nasty here when it’s humid, so sometimes we feel like those little children on the infomercials with all the flies in our ears, mouths and noses.

We are missing our family and friends and we hope that all is well back home. Stay warm friends and keep checking back we will try to update more often.


Jeeva Lappski



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