Everyone….meet Coco

13 12 2009

I would like to take this chance right now to introduce Eva’s and mine newest member to tag along on our Australian journey.. ……  Hot Coco. She is a 1993 Ford Falcon station wagon with everything a good travel friend should have. We met her last Tuesday though a gentlemen from Manchester and since we laid eyes on each other all we can think about is the open road ahead. HC seems to love being on the road and just runs like a top and as smooth as silk. As you can see she has a large rear-end, and when you fold down the back seats she’s fit for a king. That boot is perfect for a quick cat nap or even an overnight accommodation.

Over the past few days we have all gotten to know each other and have decided to head out from Perth and start a new journey heading up north to a town called Exmouth. We are planning on hitting the road early Wednesday morning with no time table to get to the Mouth. Exmouth is about 1200 km from Perth on the north western coast of W.A. In between here and Exmouth there are a hand full of must do/see activities, such as stopping in at a spot called Monkey Mia located in Shark Bay where wild dolphins are known to hang out and feed in knee deep water while people can join them in the activity. Another area of interest is a spot called Shell Beach,which has beach’s as far as the eye can see made of millions of small sea shells with no sand in sight. As well Coral Bay is where the infamous Ningaloo Reef begins and sprawls along the coast line 200km to Exmouth. The Ningaloo reef is supposedly one of very few substantial reefs in the world accessable from the beach. It is said the reef is very comparable to the Great Barrier with others saying it is much nicer because of the fact it is not over populated with businesses and is still fairly secluded from ” The MAN”. Exmouth is a small town highly recognized for its exellent fishing and beach camping. We have been told many stories of  its wonderful fishing and snorkelling, both of which Eva and I have become very fond of as a relaxing past time.

All in all we are thinking the journey up north with Coco will probably take us about 2 weeks and we can work out the new awkward stage of our relationship with her. Once all that is said and done we will probably make a quick stop back in Perth for a day then begin our long  journey towards the east coast via the dreaded Nullarbor.




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