Freo, Rotto and other sightseeing

13 12 2009

This past week had been pretty crazy as we decided to head up north this upcoming week and realized we still had a pretty long list of things we wanted to do in Perth.

The first on the list was Fremantle  (Freo) which is a fishing port town part of the greater Perth area. We were told that the architecture was cool and the pubs/breweries were worth checking out, so we got day rider passes on the bus/train and off we went.  I don’t have much to write except that the market there was pretty cool and had tons of cheesy souvenir type items to be bought. We also checked out the Fishing Boat Harbour and some of the old architectural sites but overall it was just another tourist area in a city..and we much prefer beaches and nature.

This brings me to the next adventure we embarked on which was our day trip to Rottnest Island (Rotto). We got up early on Friday morning and grabbed the ferry to the island at 8:00 am. The forecast was for 3o degrees and we packed a lunch and lots of water, as we were returning back at 6:45 pm. We got the island and rented single gear bicycles and set off on a 25 KM trip around the island. We made a couple pit stops in different bays to do some snorkeling (amazing) and swimming as well as some photo opportunities. We stopped at this one place called Salmon Bay and the water was crystal clear, the snorkeling was incredible and the bay was really beautiful. We made a couple more stops but the flies were so annoying that we just kept biking so that they wouldn’t get us. We stopped in one bay, which we had to ourselves and ate lunch on the rocks. We managed to make it around that island well before our ferry was leaving so we grabbed a drink from the supermarket and hung out on the grass before we set out on the road for a trip back to our fave spots. Unfortunately it was getting windy and we weren’t able to make it back as far as we like so we stopped in a nice place and hung out for a bit. The photos I posted which look like a fashion photo shoot was done when we were killing time and i wanted to show my mom photos of my new swimsuit (or”bathers” in Australian). We got back to the village part with enough time to wind down and have some coffee and read the paper before the ferry brought us back to town.

This weekend was soo soo hot, 37 on Saturday and 39 on Sunday so we planned to be outside and enjoy the weather. On Saturday, Louise took us to Araluen which is a town in the hills to the botanical gardens for a picnic. The hills are really different from the sand and dunes of the coast so it was a great change of scenery. The heat away from the sea breeze was too much to handle so we spent the rest of the afternoon eating watermelon in Louise’s pool. On Sunday we actually met up with a friend from Calgary Sarah and her Aussie friend Hailey. We hung out on the beach all day in 39 degrees and that was a successful day in my mind.

That’s all for now folks




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