Goin’ Coastal

3 02 2010

We left Adelaide what seems like ages ago and have been cruisin’ along the coast between South Australia to Victoria and finally to New South Wales.  Our first stop outside of Adelaide was Mount Gambier which is a very cute town with lots of charm, little cute homes, huge sink holes in the middle of town and lots of filligri. We spent a day exploring the blue lake and other volcano type phenomenon including the Umpherston Sink hole and Mount Schank volcanic crater.  We did some research and thought we wanted a little change of scenery so we headed a little way to Nelson, Vic to do some canoe camping. We paddled out 3 hours to get to our first camp called George’s Rest, then canoed another 5 hours the next day to Laslett’s camp. The third day we had to paddle in the rain to get back to Nelson. The Glenelg river was very wide and slow so we had lots of time to search for Koala’s in the forest. Though we didn’t see any during the day, the forest came alive at night and we could hear the koala’s boar like grunting which freaked us out a little. We also managed to cross the border and then cross back again while canoeing so that was kind of cool.  Once we were tired of canoeing we made our way to Portland, Vic for a nice sleep in a caravan park and a shower.

The next morning we set off to do the “Great Ocean Road”, we saw the 12 Apostles among other tourist stops along the rugged coast line despite the dreary weather and flies aplenty, stopped for a picnic in Otway National Park and settled down at Johanna Beach for the night in a free campground. The following few days were about to get really exciting as we neared the surfing mecca of Torquay and area. On the way in Apollo Bay we saw a koala in the wild in broad daylight and had to pull over to take a couple photos, since it’s rare to see them awake and on the road at daytime. We found a caravan park in Jan Juc which is 5 minutes from Torquay. We spent some time wandering the surf town of Torquay where they have the headquarters of big surf companies like Billabong and Quicksilver as well as a huge plaza of surfing brand outlets and factory stores. We also checked out the Surf World museum to get our imaginations going about surfing.  The first day in Torquay we were all set to get some surf boards and go out to hit some waves but it was raining in the morning so we took a day trip to Geelong which is a town just before Melbourne. We wandered the streets, had some sushi (finally) and stumbled upon a large-scale sailing competition the was just ending. The following day had much better weather so we took a quick drive to Anglesea to find Jeff a surf board. The new addition to our Jeeva family “Hugh” was purchased and we hit the beach for some waves, I got my first sunburn and Jeff tried his hand at some surf. 

We arrived Melbourne after a short drive and checked into our hostel, Hotel Discovery. What we discovered was a HUGE place with tons of people, only one kitchen and lots of drunk loud people.After a long exhausting treck through the city trying to find the damn place we were tired and crashed on our top bunks of the 6 bed dorm. The next day was Jan 26th, Australia Day. As we wandered the streets of downtown Melbourne we visited the usual spots, Federation Square where the Aus Open tennis semi final was going on, China Town, Flinder’s Station, Graffiti Street Art and we watched to Australia Day people’s march. We stopped in Chinatown for some Vietnamese food then hopped on the tram to St. Kilda beach where the festivities were in full swing for the holiday. We made a stop at Luna Park and rode the oldest rollercoaster on earth. Then we piled on the tram just in time to make it back to Federation Square for the fire works.  Melbourne was to summarize our experience, hectic, tons of people everywhere, traffic, restaurants and bars everywhere. We figured we had seen enough so we decided to keep following the coast, but not before we got a parking ticket oops.

We arrived Philip Island to a town called Cowes and Jeff went surfing. The next day, same thing, surfing in Cowes at Smith’s beach. We were planning to go see the “world-famous” penguin parade but opted out of the 22$ per person entry to see tiny penguins emerge from the sea, apparently we didn’t miss much.  Our journey continued to Lakes Entrance and pretty interesting looking town with TONS of fishing boats. While we were camping there we met a couple from Denmark who we would spend the next few days traveling with looking for places to surf. We travelled together to Tathra nothing too exciting to report. Next day in Huskisson, again nothing to report. Finally on the third day we stumbled upon Gerroa, a little town on a hill with an amazing surf beach right next door so we hit the waves and had a great afternoon on 7 Mile Beach at this point we are across the next border in NSW. That evening after trying to surf all day with Jeff’s board, I decided I wanted a board of my own so we stopped in a surf shop and picked up the next member of our little family, who does not yet have a name but I’m taking suggestions. We surfed all day the next day then split from our new friends and headed to Sydney.




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22 03 2010

On april 3 is my birthday. I want the picture of Ewa and Jeff.
Thank you.


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