Sydney, Surfing and Sucky Weather

16 02 2010

We arrived Sydney after an extremely enjoyable surf at 7 Mile Beach in Gerringong. We then hit the road to Sydney in the afternoon where we were to meet Jeff’s friend Mo at Bondi Beach and then check out our temporary digs in Hornsby with Trina and Les, they live quite a way from the city but in a really neat community which is pretty much in the rainforest, spiders and all. The next morning was Sydney exploring day where we headed to the city centre (by train since we already learned the beauty of the city parking game) and wandered the streets in search of some Sydney sights. We scoped out the Sydney Opera House which is much smaller in real life, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, China Town and Hyde Park. Most notable was the HUGE bats flying over Hyde Park and the creepy looking Dracula building nearby it. The day we set out for this was VERY humid and it was difficult to walk in the heat after 5 hours of exploring, we got back on the train and headed to Hornsby. The following day we relaxed and did laundry, internet stuff and watched TV (it’s a wonder we still know how to use one after so much time in the car) and played Wii with the kids.  We were hoping for better weather as it had rained all day and night the day before and we went to Bondi to check out some surf shops and the beach, of course it started pouring rain and we had to find shelter in none other than a Sushi Boat place…sweeet. That evening we met back up with our Danish friends Claus and Alexandra for some coastal adventures with the surf boards but little did we know what was in store for us….

….RAIN…so much rain… we left Sydney and headed to a North shore beach suburb called Narabeen and booked in for 4 nights as it was close to Mona Vale and Manly beaches as well as Palm Beach among others which was supposed to be the surfing getaway for all the Sydney city dwellers. Too bad it poured rain that entire day from 10 am until the next morning we was had no choice but to sit under the awning on their camper van and play Uno. The following day was not much better though we were able to make a quick trip to Kmart to pick up some coloring books and crayons to pass the time (the boys were happy without coloring books). When the rain finally stopped in the evening the waves were quite big so the boys went by themselves to the beach and then to the skate park for some skateboarding. Day 3…ok the girls got into the water at Manly beach it was pretty rough out there and we couldn’t really avoid choppy waves, we drove to all of the beaches between Narabeen and Manly and they were all the same, shoppy and messy waves. So we settled for some shopping in the “Corso” which is a street by the beach where there are tons of shops and restaurants. Day 4…another unsuccessful surfing attempt as we headed north all the wat to Palm Beach and found no good waves, so we headed back to Manly for some more retail therapy. This time I got myself my first pair of Havi’s (Haviana’s for the non Aussies) and a new top. We finally left the area as it seemed the rain would never end.

We arrived at “the Entrance” and stayed in a cramped tiny camp spot and still rain rain rain….Norah Head was our next stop, we weren’t too optimistic about it but we gave it a chance. What we found was the perfect beach, Pelican Beach where the boys could practice their surfing skills and us girls had small and safe enough waves to learn on, we surfed all day long and then packed it in early since we were bruised and beaten. We decided to stay another night at Norah Head, so we chilled by the pool all day until the rain started again and we were once again confined to our camp, however I did manage to make some curtains for Coco before the rain started.

We continue our quest north in search of surfing in Stockton, NSW. We booked in for 2 nights and surfed at the local beach all day, the waves were even nicer and calmer than the last few days and us girls didn’t want to get out. But eventually the weather turned again and we all had to go to bed at 9. The second day in Stockton there was NO waves at all so we all took the ferry over to New Castle and wandered around and went for lunch. We wandered around the pier where there was a cool shipwreck and then packed in before the rain….yet again.

The next day we decided to something different so we made our way over to Stockton Beach Sand Dunes and grabbed a sandboarding 4X4 trip up to the dunes for some sand instead of sea. We had a great time plummeting down the sand on tiny boards and the walk back up was deadly as you can imagine. It was nice to do something other than surf, however the weather sometimes dictates that as opposed to us choosing our own fate. Now we continue our journey to Byron Bay where we hope to check in for a few weeks and enjoy the chaos of “tourist land”

We are missing the Olympics which is rather sad but otherwise we are doing quite well, we are happy here enjoying the adventure, the towns sometimes all sort of start looking the same and the city is stressful but I guess the point of travelling is to put yourself into a different environed and figure out how to adapt. We have some friends now tagging along and we have met tons of really interesting people along the way, from hardcore Aussies to backpackers like ourselves from all over the world. We are learning the ropes and getting the hang of being away from home. We miss you all very much and hope to keep in touch more often.

 Love Eva and Jeff



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