Life in Byron Bay

9 03 2010

After a quick stop at the Dorrigo Rainforest for a 6 km hike through the coastal rainforest we decided to head inland due to the never-ending rain. We ended up in Nimbin which is a “hippie” town full of dreadlocks, weird locals, a very strange museum and other interesting people watching opportunities. Once we started to miss the ocean (approx 36 hours) we made our way to Byron Bay which would become our home for the next 18 days.

Byron Bay is like every travellers dream town, and if there was work here they would never leave. It’s the kind of place where young people, travellers from all over the world, Bohemians, surfers and partiers all get together and run a town which has no parents, lots of dining and drinking options, tons of great surf and thousands of bikini clad and super tanned folk hang out on the beach day and night. There is always something going on, whether it’s fire jugglers at night near the beach, an ice cream at midnight or just plain sitting around in the park and watching life go by.

Our first week in Byron we stayed at the First Sun Holiday Park which was right on Belongil Beach and a short stroll to town. We were fortunate enough to have a TV at our park so we could watch the Olympic Hockey games. The first few days we were here Jeff’s friend Mo was in town so we hung out at his hostel watching the game and rotting on Belongil Beach for a few days. The following few days were not so great as I was injured in my ear while surfing (the board caught a wave and I didn’t see it so it hammered me right in the left side of my head)and was told by the doctor that I needed to take 5 days of antibiotics for my ear infection I supposedly had from the dirty ocean water in the ear rotting away at my injured ear drum. The net 5 days would be pretty boring as the rain was back and well it stayed for almost a week. In the meantime we hung out with some Canadians we met and checked out some of the town’s nightlife offerings. On Feb 28th there was a tsunami warning due to the earthquake in Chile and we were told to stay away from the beach, nothing really happened at all just some ugly-looking waves and a high tide.  Finally on Mach 4th it stopped raining and it was….Laundry Day.

We moved to another park called Clarkes Beach for the second half of our stay, which is right near a “famous” surf break called THE PASS where you can supposedly get a pretty long ride and it’s popular with long boarders. It was quite a walk to town and not really the best facilities but it was nice to be on a different beach for a while. We also made a couple long walks back to Belongil to surf at “the wreck” but as I had an injury I mostly suntanned. I got more meds on March 5th but the doctor said I can go in the water with earplugs, so off we went to the water. We also took a really nice walk along the Cape Byron to the lighthouse and the most eastern point of Australia. On the hike we saw a beach called Watego’s which we made a point to go hang out at the next day, and that’s exactly what we did.  Life in Byron is …well…..pretty relaxed. We had our first Aussie Meat pies and even went to the local backpackers bar for Mexican Night, but now it is time to move on.





One response

10 03 2010
Halina and Andy

Hi, we are enjoying travelling with you. Can I just get one shell and one sand dollar from one beach? It doesn’t have to be huge. Andy asks if you could bring him back a ‘roo (kangaroo) and an Australian girl clad in Australian bikini (surf board optional).

Do you speak Australian yet?

You are getting a nice car. Don’t pay for it! Your mom and dad are fine. I think they love each other for a change.

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