Becoming a local

10 04 2010

We arrived the town of 1770/Agnes Water on March 22nd but we didn’t know when we arrived what we were in for. The first night we stayed at the national park campground in town at Workman’s Beach. We were instantly drawn to the perfect surfing conditions with no crowds at the main beach in Agnes Water. Our friends from Denmark took off the next morning for Fraser Island and we were left wondering what should we do? Agnes Water is the last place on the East Coast of Aus that you can still surf and swim in the ocean (as you go north there is the reef, crocs and scary jelly fish, not to mention no waves). On our second day in 1770 we spotted a sign at the visitor info centre that said help needed in exchange for accommodation. We gave the lady Elly a call and she refered us to her friend Annie who lives alone on 40+ acres and needed some help around her place. We figured “what the hey” and set up shop there. This lady had an ill husband and had alot of work to be done around her land. We basically exchanged 2 hours a day of weeding, yard work, painting etc for a roof over our heads and some air conditioning. A match made in heaven. We soon became what the Aussies refer to as “a local” which means everyone in town recognizes you and says hello..among other things. We worked in the morning, surfed at day time and played a tonne of Yahtzee at night and the weather was beautiful the entire time we were there, a whopping 17 days.

Easter was fast approaching and we were invited for an Easter seafood feast at Elly’s with some other local people and had a great time meeting people and hanging out on the veranda. The following day was a “car boot sale” where everyone backs in their car in a circle and sells their crap. We managed to rack in a total of 55$ by selling our tent, fishing gear and a couple books..not too bad. On Easter Sunday we made our way to the Market grounds to do some shopping with our earnings and ended up with a bag of potatoes and some junk food. As Easter came to an end, Jeff’s Birthday approached and he wanted to do one thing….you guessed it….go surfing. So we tried a new spot called Springs beach first which was not too successful before we headed to the Main Beach for one last surf and stayed there til the sun went down. The next morning Jeff got up early to surf one last time before we said our goodbyes and left for Airlie Beach to go to the Whitsundays for a sailing trip.

We arrived at Airlie and are anxiously awaiting our sailing trip to take off, in the meantime we managed to find this pretty great little water hole/waterfall for a cool refreshing swim in FRESH water and escape the croc infested seas and the blistering heat. The weather outlook is good for sailing and we will be roasting at the fake lagoon until then. After that..who knows…..




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