I’m on a boat

17 04 2010

We had a 3 day sailing adventure in the Whitsundays that may have been the highlight of the trip to Australia so far. We chilled in Airlie Beach for a few days then got up early and boarded our home for the next 3 days “the Apollo”. We were 2 of 26 passengers and 5 crew members. We set off cruising early in the morning on Monday, it was a beautiful sunny day with blistering sun and tonnes of opportunity to suntan and chill on deck as we travelled to Caves Cove where the group (minus myself and 3 others) did their intro free dives by the beach while the rest of us snorkelled. We had a lovely lunch prepared by chef Jimmy of chicken and salads. We then continued cruising (as in with the sails down since it wasn’t windy) to Whitehaven Beach where we spend the evening relaxing on the white silica sand and eating snacks and hanging out with our group. We enjoyed the sunset on the beach then headed back aboard the boat for a Beef Stroganoff dinner and some drinks on deck to finish off the night. Something unexpected happened when one of the girl had a major allergy attack and we had to cruise all the way back to town in the dark to take her to the hospital. We moored there for the night and slept in our tiny bunks on the rocking boat until morning. The sick girl got back on the boat in the morning and we were off to a couple of dive and snorkelling spots.

Jeff realized on his intro dive that he loved diving and decided to do one of the optional dives on day 2. He will be writing a whole post about diving so I won’t try to do his experience any justice by talking about it. It was cloudy and windy on Day 2 so we actually lifted the sails and tore through the ocean at almost a 90 degree angle. We snorkelled at 2 spots that day before we were dropped off at the beach in Blue Pearl Bay for some evening snacks, sunset and Peter the Possum. This beach was completely covered in coral and was impossible to walk on bear footed but was great for looking through the corals for hours to find cool shells and such. We had a tasty steak dinner and then had a party on the boat.

The following morning we snorkelled at Blue Pearl Bay where we saw some HUGE fish and lots of nice corals. It was like swimming in an aquarium.  We had a quick lunch before the 3 hour sailing journey back to Abel Point Marina. It was really windy and the sailing was awesome fun, we even saw dolphins as we cruised by at 8 knots speed.  We were really happy to have spent a couple of days off of land and we made lots of new friends on board including 2 Calgarians. That night the Apollo group had a little pizza after party  before we all parted ways.

We are now in Cairns and Jeff is doing his dive course here for 4 days. We leave for Bangkok on the 25th of April for 2 months. We plan to do a mixture of activities in Asia including tubing down the river in Laos, cooking classes in Vietnam, temples in Cambodia and chilling at the south islands of Thailand, and of course the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.  We are a bit nervous but always excited for another epic adventure.

Bye for now





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23 04 2010

LOVE IT! Thanks for the posts. Makes me feel like I’m there as I sit at my desk…

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