Diving Down Under

27 04 2010

Good day all… After a couple of dives off our vessel the Apollo I finally started my long awaited dive course in Cairns. The course started in town with a couple of days in the classroom and pool sessions, there was myself and two others in the course which was nice. In the a.m we would watch a few videos and after a quick lunch break we would suit- up and get in the pool and start off with some basic skills.

Once the two days where up and theory tests were passed off to the reef we go. We got to the boat around 8 a.m for the two-hour journey out to the reef. Once everyone was on the boat and settled in they run though the safety speal and offer everyone sea sickness tablets due to a rough ride out. After about 20 minutes in to the journey and no one accepting the sea sickness tablets the first one spills his beans and filling paper bag after paper bag. After the first guy starts it was a steady flow of sick humans to the back of the boat flying though paper bags like they where going outta style. There where about 30 people on board and about half of which got sea-sick.  I was one of the lucky ones that felt fine and enjoyed the rollercoaster of a ride out to the reef.

Once we got to our dive spot some people moved on to the liveaboard boat which they stayed for a few days and the other day trippers suited up and got in the water. Since the other two in my course where staying on the liveaboard so was my instructor, off they went and I stayed with the group on the day boat. I teamed up with an instructor who was taking two american girls who had their licence for a guided tour. Since I went with this group my first experience on the reef was great with just a casual dive and not having to perform any of the test skills and purely enjoy the magnificent coral and hundreds of small reef fish.

After the dive a delicious lunch was laid out on deck for everyone and quickly devoured. Once the food settled I met back up with the two others in my course and the instructor for the second dive of the day. Once we got suited up and in the water we headed to the bottom to perform some skills. We did a couple of skills here then did a little bit of sight seeing and stopped at 12m to perform a few more skills and then a bit more sight seeing and back to the surface to wrap up the day.

The second day was quite similar to the first as in half the boat was sick and a long rough ride out to the reef. Once we got there the two instructors onboard took out two separate groups and leaving me for when they come back. Once my instructor was back we got in and had a casual dive at about 14m and finished off all but one skill leaving that for the last dive of the course. After another tasty lunch my instructor and I get in and quickly finish the last skill and had about 25 minutes to look around. The instructor showed me around, showing me what certain creatures you can touch and others you cannot. We came around this corner and their there was a massive clam about the size of a small car which was really cool. After some more touring around he took me to a tight little cave type coral structure which he went through first and i quickly followed that took us out to an area with some large Parrot fish and hundreds of other small reef fish. After this it was time to come up as our air was starting to get low and start the long journey back to land.

So all in all the diving course was awesome and I certainly learned alot that I didn’t know existed about diving and the reef. I wish I could have got out to the reef once more as a certified diver but our days in Aus where running out quickly and our sights where on Asia. I am planning to dive at every chance I get here in Asia as it is much cheaper and many highly recognized dive sites in Thailand and Vietnam.

Thanks for reading

The first half of Jeeva




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