Last Days in Australia

27 04 2010

Our last 10 days in Australia were spent in Cairns where we stayed half the time in a caravan park, then when we gave Coco away to her new owners we spent 3 nights in a hostel called Caravella which was awesome and had a pool and everything, we even had a double room instead of a dorm due to my wonderful negotiation skills. The weather was not cooperative at all and there was nothing really to do, except go outlet shopping and hang out in town scoping out people on the patio of McDonald’s. When Jeff finished his dive course we spent a couple of days with a friend from the boat trip and her friend Rikke wandering around town and buying last-minute souvenirs and such. We even learned how to play the didgeridoo at a ” didge”” shop. We visited the dam in town duwe to a wrong turn off the highway but then found the actual Crystal Cascades a different day after consulting the map and took a dip in the watering hole there. We had some end of trip festivities and then boarded a plane to Sydney the next morning. Once in Sydney we flew to Bangkok on Emirates  airline which was fabulous; if you ever get a chance to fly with them it’s great. Now we are in Cambodia only 1 day later, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that story.





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