Sunny Sihanoukville

4 05 2010

We travelled 4 hours by bus to the south-western coast of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand for some care free relaxing time.  We made it in the afternoon and everything was going to be great until Jeff got an upset stomach and was unable to do much for the day. We checked into a really cool guesthouse called Monkey Republic into a little blue bungalow and Jeff proceeded to have a long nap. As the evening rolled on the music in the guesthouse lounge got really mellow and the fairy lights came on outside so I relaxed with a fruit shake while Jeff slept it off. The next day was much better as Jeff was feeling a bit better, we got to the beach and just as we settled in, it began to rain. Instead we headed to the city market for some shopping then hung out on the hammocks on the 3rd level of our guesthouse as the rain poured and poured all night.  Day 3 was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a cocktail and pedicure on Serendipity Beach, that’s exactly what we did. We chose one of the many lounge chairs along the numerous beach shacks and settled in for the better part of the afternoon. The water here is probably 30 degrees and it doesn’t do much to cool you off when you sit in the sun all day. I eventually got a sunburn and got tired of being harassed by hawkers on the beach selling bracelets and fruit, but it was a peacefull day nonetheless.  The 4th day we took an all day trip to Koh Rong island on a luxurious 3 level yacht at Victory Beach Jetty. Our vessel was called “Sun” and I swear Keith Richards was one of the passengers (unfortunately no photos). We hung out on the roof top sun deck and even jumped from the 3rd level, about a 7 meter drop to go snorkelling. We tried our hands at some fishing and mostly just had a worry free, hassle free day with buffet lunch and all the perks.  It was a perfect day, beautiful beaches, clear blue water, shining sun, and not a care in the world. We love Cambodia!!!





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